A time

of change or a change of time?

Short inspiring stories I produced to share new insights in our changing environment and the impact of disruptive innovations on our everyday life.

A sustainable delta that allows for open innovation​

​We need to change for live to stay the same. But what changes do we really need? Several of our fellows share their thoughts of the most fundamental shitfs in society ánd economy. We are in need for different skills, imagineering, we-think, new kinds of leadership and cooperation.

Big Data: Volume, Variety, Velocity and Value?


A lot of focus in Big Data is on Volume, demanding new appraoches to ICT infrastrictures. Yet, the Variety is even more challenging; How to combine structured datasets of organizations with the unstructured data of consumers apps like Twitter or Facebook. To  turn data into true value, if it needs to be  supportive to consumers making decisions in everyday life, demanding extreme Velocity as well. 

From Mass media to the Media mass

Is there a future for mass media, now that an ever-increasing part of our lives plays out via smart phones and given the huge growth in the quantity of media? 



Smart people or Smart technology

​If someone drives his car into a canal because their TomTom said ‘turn left here’, who's at fault? We build cars with collision control, develop smart energy meters, search for terrorists via facial recognition cameras & stay in touch with the whole 24/7. Technology is becoming increasingly important within our society, but what does that mean for our sense of responsibility? 

Powerplay: Update or Upgrade?​

For decades the consumption of power has been surging while prices per unit are dropping. This is causing an exponential growth in demand of energy. Meanwhile consumers have become producers of power. And sustainability is putting pressure on the industry. Current networks and plants can't cope anymore . We don't need just more cable, no more patches & updates; we are in need of a full upgrade.

Editing by either FreedomLab or Insperience video, artwork by Jam visual thinking or Re-Act.