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Mass media must learn to benefit from its engagement


Is there a future for mass media, now that an ever-increasing part of our lives plays out via smart phones and given the huge growth in the quantity of media? 

FreedomLab goes even further and adds that they see great opportunities for mass media, provided they make effective use of their biggest weapon: their connection with the public. ‘Mass media will change, and drastically. This is not an update; this will be a full-scale upgrade’

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Do we really want responsible technologies?

If someone drives with their car into a canal because their TomTom device said ‘turn left here’, is that TomTom’s responsibility? We build cars with collision control, develop intelligent energy meters, search for terrorists via cameras with facial recognition and stay in touch with the whole world day and night. Technology is becoming increasingly important within our society. But what does that mean for our sense of responsibility? 

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A sustainable delta that allows for open innovation

Our Board of Ethics member, ReneGude, wrote an inspiring column in the national Dutch newspaper NRC: "During a crisis everything changes. This applies even if you do nothing. Given that this is the case, a crisis is a good time for innovation. The destructive part of Schumpeter’s creative destruction falls into your lap of its own accord. The old is in the process of dismantling itself and while it does so you finally have a chance to sit back and look forward to something constructive.